We're getting married!


11 years after first meeting, being inseparable at College, going to the same Uni together, breaking up and ending up back together over a year later, living in different counties, changing jobs and moving in together... Michael got down on one knee and asked Cantara to marry him. Of course, she said yes!


College Sweethearts


His version

I met Cantara in Graphic Design class. I saw that she was mixed race and had these big ass eyes... She was my type on paper! I intentionally sat next to her because that was my way to seduce her gradually. I forgot her name (because I'm a muppet) so I kept trying to read it on her ID card but she caught me lol.

She started hanging out with me at lunch time which was a clear indicator that she was in love with the King AD, dun knw. This led to us becoming really good friends before anything else even though she was a good Catholic girl and I was a boy from Brixton.

She invited me out for bonfire night for her joint birthday celebration with Jenny and Bakita. She tried to be sly but got my number by acting like she did that with all her friends and that's how we started talking outside of college.

After a while, I broke up with my then-girlfriend (Cantara was clearly the cause aka Home Wrecker lol) and we started texting. Eventually I asked her out via text and there you have it. She couldn't wait to say yes. Jheeeze.

Her version

Michael had really long hair which he wore in cornrows and was super skinny but wore XXL clothes American style lol. I remember the first time I saw him. We were sat in our first Graphic Design class and he was sat about two tables in front of me. We both looked up at each other at the same time and I was instantly attracted to him. I came out of that lesson, found my friend Gloria and told her about this really cute guy in my class lol. 

In one lesson he sat next to me and tried to subtly read my ID card because he’d forgotten my name. That was when I learnt that Michael is not subtle at all lol. I noticed him talking to a girl called Bakita who I knew through friends and was in my form group, so I grabbed Gloria’s arm and said “let’s go talk to Bakita” which was all a ploy so that I could talk to Michael at lunch – sorry Bakita! From that day on, we started hanging out together and became friends.

I invited him out to my joint birthday with Bakita and Jenny and managed to get his number that night. We started texting and a few weeks later, he asked me to be his girlfriend!


He proposed at a spa weekend away.

She said yes!